Hygienic Industry Solution

Our products are precisely engineered to meet the requirements of the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, and biotechnological industries.

We are committed to quality excellence by providing continuously innovative solutions that meet or exceed industry standards. We offers a wide range of aseptic and hygienic valves, including Bio Check Sampling, Incline Seat, Divert, Double Seal, Overflow and Mix Proof valves. Our valves are designed to work compatibly with your equipment. We adapt our valves to your system, so there is no significant effort to adjusting your process. Our valve solutions maximize life cycles, reduce maintenance costs, decrease downtime and improve productivity.


We work with principles with well-known brand, which has proven reputation and experiences in the industry. Relatively easy to install and adaptable to your process and less effort to clean, which makes our valves solution is a preferred option for  dairy and pharmaceutical industry.


Our hygienic valves are already proven in the leading processing plants of F&B and pharmaceutical industries.  Our Hygienic Valves are designed to ensure reliable protection for your products. Available as Single Seat, Divert, Tank Outlet, Mix Proof, Overflow and Safety Valves. Our Hygienic Valves featuring a unique Building Block System, which allows them to adapt condition changes, if occurs, from aseptic to hygienic applications.


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