DISCO CHECK VALVE CV-10 S2 AISI 316 DN80 703500100007

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Application conditions for O-ring: EPDM (ethylene propylene) O - ring: -50 to + 150C for water, condensate and steam. FKM (floro rubber) O - ring: -25 to + 200C for oils, gases and air.
Checkvalves are commonly used armatures that can be applied for liquid, gaseous and steam applications. They increase the process safety and can be used instead of complicated armatures. Because of short installation time and installation distance, small dimensions; AYVAZ Disco Checkvalve appears to be advantageous.
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Nominal Pressure PN Min. 16, Min. Allowable Temperature (C) Max. -60 ,Max. Operating Pressure (bar)16 - 14 - 13,Temperature Related To Pressure 120 - 200 - 25

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