How to Buy


  1. New users can choose products on the web through 3 ways; through Shop Now, Industry menu, and index session page Our Product, and can view / select categories of products that interest you
  2. If interested in buying one of the products, the new user must register first by filling the join b2b form.
  3. If already fill the b2b join form, the new user must wait for confirmation from SPVMB party which will soon contact the new user, at latest 1 x 24 hours – working days. (make sure the phone number you provide is active and easy to contact)
  4. The SPVMB Party will perform the verification process by contacting the user directly. Once verified, it will be confirmed and the new user gets a new password that will be sent via email, and become a member on SPVMB website.
  5. Use the password for Login and the user can choose the items of interest.
  6. When the new user-selected product has entered into add to cart, the new user. can do checkout.
  7. If already checkout, then the user will be contacted by the SPVMB about the goods that have been selected, at least 1x24 hours. Administration, Payment and Delivery Procedures will be explained by SPVMB admin directly / offline.
  8. We do not accept funds or cash transfers directly to personal / individual bank account other than official company bank account.