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Valve Products

We are sanitary valve manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia. Our valves are precision made of grade 304/316L Stainless Steel and are designed for corrosion-resistant, high-sanitary conditions in the food, drug, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, beverage, and chemical industries.

Regulating Valve

Specification :

  • Austenitic SS grade 304/316L
  • Ra. max 0.8 um on product contact surface
  • SMS/DIN union connection

Regulating Valve is designed to maintain the air pressure inside tank same with outside tank by means of discharging the excess pressure from the tank in over pressure condition or charging air to the tank in over vacuum condition.

Working Principles

Over Vacuum Condition

Air vacuum inside tank pull the vacuum valve moved to lower level. It means the air is charging to tank from side the housing.

Over Pressure Condition

Air pressure inside tank lifts the pressure valve and the vacuum valve moved to upper level. The excess pressure is discharged through to side the housing.

Regulating Valve - Ordering Information

1366649 PRV002.00.100.I-4 PRV002.00.100.I-6L
1.56090.574 PRV002.00.100.I-4 PRV002.00.100.I-6L
27089.583.5 PRV002.00.200.I-4 PRV002.00.200.I-6L
2.58195100 PRV002.00.250.I-4 PRV002.00.250.I-6L
310489.5127 PRV002.00.300.I-4 PRV002.00.300.I-6L
NW507889.590 PRV002.00.050.N-4 PRV002.00.050.N-6L
NW6510489.5127 PRV002.00.065.N-4 PRV002.00.065.N-6L

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