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Valve Products

We are sanitary valve manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia. Our valves are precision made of grade 304/316L Stainless Steel and are designed for corrosion-resistant, high-sanitary conditions in the food, drug, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, beverage, and chemical industries.

Floating Valve

Specification :

  • Austenitic SS grade 304/316L
  • Ra. max 0.8 um on product contact surface
  • Working operational pressure 2 bar
  • 15 degree angle detection
  • Gasket option : EPDM /Silicone/Viton

Floating Valve is designed to detect liquid level inside a vessel from exceeding maximum level permissible. The float machanism mounted within the vessel, which is moved up (15 degree movement) by increased liquid level. After the movement reached 15 degree, the valve will be closed by the mechanism, and liquid can't flow from pump into inside the vessel.

Working Principles

1. Closed Position

When water level rise to upper level the Float will relief and at the same time pushed the valve which causes water flow blocking from pump.

2. Open Position

When water drops below upper level, the Float will move down and at the same time pulled the valve which causes water flowing from pump into vessel.

Water Level

When Closed position, the water level approximately at float ball centre.

Floating Valve - Ordering Information

123200490 FTV005.00.100.I-4 FTV005.00.100.I-6L
1.535200505 FTV005.00.150.I-4 FTV005.00.150.I-6L
247.8200505 FTV005.00.200.I-4 FTV005.00.200.I-6L

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