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Valve Products

We are sanitary valve manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia. Our valves are precision made of grade 304/316L Stainless Steel and are designed for corrosion-resistant, high-sanitary conditions in the food, drug, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, beverage, and chemical industries.

Butterfly Manual 4 Positions

Specification :

  • Austenitic SS grade 304/316L
  • Ra. max 0.8 um on produst contact surface
  • Working operation pressure max 10 bar
  • Gasket option : EPDM /Silicone/Viton

Butterfly valve is designed to control the fluid flow by means of a disc, which turns on a diametrical axis inside two semicircular housing hinge on a common spindle, which permit flow in only one direction. These kinds of valves offer a rotary system movement in 4 fixed position, they are 0, 30, 60 & 90 degrees.

Butterfly Manual 4 Positions inch series - Ordering Information

15222.8 BUV001D.00.100.I-4 BUV001D.00.100.I-6L
1.55235.7 BUV001D.00.150.I-4 BUV001D.00.150.I-6L
25247.8 BUV001D.00.200.I-4 BUV001D.00.200.I-6L
2.55260.5 BUV001D.00.250.I-4 BUV001D.00.250.I-6L
35672.2 BUV001D.00.300.I-4 BUV001D.00.300.I-6L
46097.6 BUV001D.00.400.I-4 BUV001D.00.400.I-6L

Butterfly Manual 4 Positions Nw Series - Ordering Information

NW255226 BUV001D.00.025.N-4 BUV001D.00.025.N-6L
NW405238 BUV001D.00.040.N-4 BUV001D.00.040.N-6L
NW505250 BUV001D.00.050.N-4 BUV001D.00.050.N-6L
NW655266 BUV001D.00.065.N-4 BUV001D.00.065.N-6L
NW805681 BUV001D.00.080.N-4 BUV001D.00.080.N-6L
NW10060100 BUV001D.00.100.N-4 BUV001D.00.100.N-6L

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