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Valve Products

We are sanitary valve manufacturer and supplier in Indonesia. Our valves are precision made of grade 304/316L Stainless Steel and are designed for corrosion-resistant, high-sanitary conditions in the food, drug, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, beverage, and chemical industries.

Ball Valve 3-piece Sanitary

Specification :

  • Investment casting ASTM-A351-CF8M, ASTM-A351-CF3M
  • Austenitic SS grade 316Lfor contact product
  • Austenitic SS grade 304 for not contact product
  • Ra. max 0.8 um on product contact surface
  • Seat valve Teflon (PTFE)
  • Max working pressure 1/2" - 2" :1000WOG
  • Max working pressure 2 1/2" - 4" : 800WOG
  • Temperature range (PTFE) -20 degree celcius - 150 degree celcius

Series 3-piece sanitary ball valve combines tube full port construction with a variety of sanitary end connections to deliver outstanding performance in high purity applications. The valve's uniform bore diameter and polished internal surfaces improve flow characteristics and eliminate pooling of potential contaminants.

Surface Finish

All surfaces which come directly or indirectly in contact with the product are machined to 0.625 micron (25 micro inch Ra, Grit 180). Mechanical polishing to higher levels of surface finish up to 0.25 micron (10 micro inch Ra, Grit 320) are available including internal or external Electropolishing.

Ball Valve 3 Piece Sanitary - Ordering Information

Size A LH316L
111418687 BVPTV3EB.100.I-6TRS
1.5140197109 BVPTV3EB.150.I-6TRS
2159197117 BVPTV3EB.200.I-6TRS
2.5197265139 BVPTV3EB.250.I-6TRS
3227265149 BVPTV3EB.300.I-6TRS
4241321195 BVPTV3EB.400.I-6TRS

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