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Union Products

Union are used on process equipment and piping to ensure rigidity of the system. Unions consist of a Threaded Bevel (male) Ferrule mated with a Plain Bevel Ferrule (liner). Both are offered in grade 304 and 316L material. SPV's Union are available in 1" through 4" and many type of standard.

DIN 11864-1

Specification :

  • Austenitic SS grade 304/316L
  • Ra. max 0.8 um on product contact surface
  • Silicone/EPDM/Viton


The aseptic and the hygienic screwed pipe connections are compatible ad differ only in the axial length. They are used with process facilities for liquid media with high purity requirements. Preferential fields of application are bio-engineering, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and beverage industry


Dring the assembly the O-Ring is positioned in the liner whereby the O-Ring is automatically held. Then the threaded ferrule is put against so that the liner  and te threaded ferrule interlock. By this the liner, the threaded ferrule and the O-Ring are coaxially centered. Then the nut is shoved over the liner and screwed onto the threaded ferrule until the fronts of the ferrule and the liner get together. Thereby, the O-Ring is deformed in such way that an even and free of dead space thoroughfare and a tight connection is attained.

Union DIN 11864 1 Aseptic Screwed - Ordering Information

NW2526266367 UCWL005.00.100.I-4 UCWL005.00.100.I-6L
NW3232327870 UCWL005.00.150.I-4 UCWL005.00.150.I-6L
NW4038389271 UCWL005.00.200.I-4 UCWL005.00.200.I-6L
NW50505011277 UCWL005.00.250.I-4 UCWL005.00.250.I-6L
NW65666612779 UCWL005.00.300.I-4 UCWL005.00.300.I-6L
NW80818114881 UCWL005.00.400.I-4 UCWL005.00.400.I-6L

List of other Union Products

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