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Union Products

Union are used on process equipment and piping to ensure rigidity of the system. Unions consist of a Threaded Bevel (male) Ferrule mated with a Plain Bevel Ferrule (liner). Both are offered in grade 304 and 316L material. SPV's Union are available in 1" through 4" and many type of standard.

DIN 11851

Specification :

  • Austenitic SS grade 304/316L
  • Ra. max 0.8 um on product contact surface
  • Silicone/EPDM/Viton

The male of this union has features an inverted cone face that carries the seal, while the liner is similarly conical with a flat face to effect a clean hygienic joint. Widely used throughout Europe and incorporates a round slotted nut and a flush fitting lipped seal, as standard.

Union DIN 11851 - Ordering Information

NW2526266345 UCWL004.00.025.N-4 UCWL004.00.025.N-6L
NW3232327051 UCWL004.00.032.N-4 UCWL004.00.032.N-6L
NW4038387853 UCWL004.00.040.N-4 UCWL004.00.040.N-6L
NW5050509257 UCWL004.00.050.N-4 UCWL004.00.050.N-6L
NW65666611265 UCWL004.00.065.N-4 UCWL004.00.065.N-6L
NW80818112775 UCWL004.00.080.N-4 UCWL004.00.080.N-6L
NW10010010014889 UCWL004.00.100.N-4 UCWL004.00.100.N-6L

Male Weld DIN 11851 - Ordering Information

NW2526262252-6 MWS004.00.025.N-4 MWS004.00.025.N-6L
NW3232322258-6 MWS004.00.032.N-4 MWS004.00.032.N-6L
NW4038382265-6 MWS004.00.040.N-4 MWS004.00.040.N-6L
NW5050502378-6 MWS004.00.050.N-4 MWS004.00.050.N-6L
NW6566662595-6 MWS004.00.065.N-4 MWS004.00.065.N-6L
NW80818125110-4 MWS004.00.080.N-4 MWS004.00.080.N-6L
NW10010010030130-4 MWS004.00.100.N-4 MWS004.00.100.N-6L

Liner Weld DIN 11851 - Ordering Information

NW25262615 LWS004.00.025.N-4 LWS004.00.025.N-6L
NW32323215 LWS004.00.032.N-4 LWS004.00.032.N-6L
NW40383815 LWS004.00.040.N-4 LWS004.00.040.N-6L
NW50505016 LWS004.00.050.N-4 LWS004.00.050.N-6L
NW65666617 LWS004.00.065.N-4 LWS004.00.065.N-6L
NW80818117 LWS004.00.080.N-4 LWS004.00.080.N-6L
NW10010010020 LWS004.00.100.N-4 LWS004.00.100.N-6L

Round Nut DIN 11851 - Ordering Information

NW25632152-636 RON004.00.025.N-4
NW32702158-642 RON004.00.032.N-4
NW40782165-649 RON004.00.040.N-4
NW50922278-662 RON004.00.050.N-4
NW651122595-680 RON004.00.065.N-4
NW8012729110-494 RON004.00.080.N-4
NW10014831130-4115 RON004.00.100.N-4

Gasket DIN 11851 - Ordering Information

NW2540265 GAS-UNN025.00.D
NW3246325 GAS-UNN032.00.D
NW4052385 GAS-UNN040.00.D
NW5064505 GAS-UNN050.00.D
NW6581665 GAS-UNN065.00.D
NW8095815 GAS-UNN080.00.D
NW1001141006 GAS-UNN100.00.D

Blind Round Nut DIN 11851 - Ordering Information

NW25632152-6 BLR004.00.025.N-4
NW32702158-6 BLR004.00.032.N-4
NW40782165-6 BLR004.00.040.N-4
NW50922278-6 BLR004.00.050.N-4
NW651122595-6 BLR004.00.065.N-4
NW8012729110-4 BLR004.00.080.N-4
NW10014831130-4 BLR004.00.100.N-4

Blind Liner DIN 11851 - Ordering Information

NW25261544 LIB004.00.025.N-4 LIB004.00.025.N-6L
NW32321550 LIB004.00.032.N-4 LIB004.00.032.N-6L
NW40381556 LIB004.00.040.N-4 LIB004.00.040.N-6L
NW50501668 LIB004.00.050.N-4 LIB004.00.050.N-6L
NW65661785.5 LIB004.00.065.N-4 LIB004.00.065.N-6L
NW80811799.5 LIB004.00.080.N-4 LIB004.00.080.N-6L
NW10010020120 LIB004.00.100.N-4 LIB004.00.100.N-6L

List of other Union Products

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