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Tube Products

Cleanliness, sterilization and safety are mission-critical factors in order to maintain and deliver quality products to their consumers especially for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. The tube inside wall must be extremely smooth, cervice-free, in order to avoid all possible corrosions and ensure the better flow of fluid, easy to clean up and long hygienic conditions.

Tube Sanitary


  • Austenitic material AISI 304/316L according to ASTM A-270
  • Ra. max 0.8 um on product contact surface
  • Certificate of material
  • Max pressure 10 bar

Sanitary Tube - Ordering Information

SMS125.41.2 PIPA1000-0120-304PP PIPA1000-0120-316LPP
SMS1.538.11.2 PIPA1500-0120-304PP PIPA1500-0120-316LPP
SMS250.81.2 PIPA2000-0120-304PP PIPA2000-0120-316LPP
SMS2.563.51.6 PIPA2500-0160-304PP PIPA2500-0160-316LPP
SMS376.21.6 PIPA3000-0160-304PP PIPA3000-0160-316LPP
SMS4101.62 PIPA4000-0200-304PP PIPA4000-0200-316LPP
3A125.41.6 PIPA1000-0120-304PP PIPA1000-0120-316LPP
3A1.538.11.6 PIPA1500-0120-304PP PIPA1500-0120-316LPP
3A250.81.6 PIPA2000-0120-304PP PIPA2000-0120-316LPP
3A2.563.51.6 PIPA2500-0160-304PP PIPA2500-0160-316LPP
3A376.21.6 PIPA3000-0160-304PP PIPA3000-0160-316LPP
3A4101.62 PIPA4000-0200-304PP PIPA4000-0200-316LPP
DIN 11850NW2528.01.5 PIPA0025-0150-304PP PIPA0025-0150-316LPP
DIN 11850NW4040.01.5 PIPA0040-0150-304PP PIPA0040-0150-316LPP
DIN 11850NW5052.01.5 PIPA0050-0150-304PP PIPA0050-0150-316LPP
DIN 11850NW6570.02 PIPA0065-0200-304PP PIPA0065-0200-316LPP
DIN 11850NW8085.02 PIPA0080-0200-304PP PIPA0080-0200-316LPP
DIN 11850NW100104.02 PIPA0100-0200-304PP PIPA0100-0200-316LPP
DIN 11850NW125129.02 PIPA0125-0200-304PP PIPA0125-0200-316LPP
DIN 11850NW150154.02 PIPA0150-0200-304PP PIPA0150-0200-316LPP

List of other Tube Products

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