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Accessories are used on process equipment and piping to ensure, maintain and controlling of the system. SPV's accessories are offered in grade 304 and 316L material. Available in 1" through 4".

Rotary Cleaner

Specification :

  • Austenitic SS grade 304/316L
  • Ra. max 0.8 um on product contact surface
  • Working pressure 1 -  bar
  • Max. working pressure 10 bar
  • Max. working temperature: 95 degree celcius
  • Wetting radius: max. 3m
  • Cleaning radius: 3 - 4 m

Rotary Cleaner are mainly used to spray and clean the inside of the tanks strongly. They are mainly used in food-processing, beverage, beer, and pharmaceutical industries.

  • Fixed cleaning ball: 360 degree spray completely, 180 degree spray.
  • Rotary cleaning ball: ball is spherical and elliptical. Jet orifice looks flat slot shape.
  • Multi-position cleaner

Key Considerations for Placement of Spray

A. Position the tank cleaning nozzle(s) at the center of the tank, roughly one-quarter of the distance from top to bottom.

B. Nozzles invariably leave an unsprayed shadow area directly overhead, the size of which varies according to the type og nozzle and the piping.

C. The distance between the top of the tank and the nozzle should amount to approximately one quarter of the nozzle's cleaning radius. Size your   unit to ensure sufficient flow to the top part of the tank wall.

D. The film of liquid grows thicker toward the bottom of the tank, where the washing effect is the most pronounced.

E. Standing water reduces impact and allows solids to accumulate. Make sure that the drain can handle whatever you put into the tank.

F. The longest spray distance is from the nozzle to the bottom corner, so the nozzle should be sized for this "effective washing distance".

Rotary Cleaner - Ordering Information

SizeAHPressure (bar)Flow Rate (m3/hr)Cleaning Radius316L
1.51421892.0 - 2.5383 RC001.00.150.I-6L
21451912.5 - 3.0604 RC001.00.200.I-6L

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