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Accessories are used on process equipment and piping to ensure, maintain and controlling of the system. SPV's accessories are offered in grade 304 and 316L material. Available in 1" through 4".

Flow Glass

Specification :

  • Austenitic SS grade 304/316L
  • Ra. max 0.8 um on product contact surface
  • Gasket (EPDM = 01, Silicon = 02, 08 = Viton)
  • Available with optional unions

This product made for seeing actual flow purpose. Can be use for horizontal or vertical position.

Flow Glass - Ordering Information

122.814684 FLG001.00-100.I-4 FLG001.00.100.I-6
1.535.714696 FLG001.00-150.I-4 FLG001.00.150.I-6
247.8146109 FLG001.00-200.I-4 FLG001.00.200.I-6
2.560.5146125 FLG001.00-250.I-4 FLG001.00.250.I-6
372.2146138.5 FLG001.00-300.I-4 FLG001.00.300.I-6
497.6146163 FLG001.00-400.I-4 FLG001.00.400.I-6

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