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Why Investment Casting

  • Allows greater design freedom for very simple to highly complex parts.
  • Provides superior repeatability.
  • Can utilize a wide variety of alloys.
  • Yields lighter, stronger metal parts with superior finishes.
  • Reduces labor, tooling and machining costs.
  • Allows very rapid prototype development.

Why choose SPV

  • The Highest Level of Quality.
  • Great Lead Time for New Product Launches.
  • Focus on Steel and Ferrous Metal.
  • All In House Production.
  • Advanced Technology Applied in Process and High Quality / Experienced People.

Target market

  • Automotive
  • Processing Technology (Pumps, Valves, Oil & Gas, Hydraulics)
  • General Machineries
  • Sport Equipment (Golf Club Head)
  • High Value Components (Medical, Gas Turbine, Aeronautics)

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