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Introduction to Metal Casting

What is Investment Casting?

Investment casting is an advanced metal forming process used to produce metal parts of the highest quality,functionality and cost-effectiveness. Investment casting is a one-to-one process in which one disposable pattern produces one metal part. When combined with modern production knowledge and technologies, investment casting can be applied to produce parts of varying degrees of complexity, in virtually any volumes and for the broadest possible spectrum of applications.

A Brief History of Investment Casting

Investment casting, which is also known as the "lost wax investment casting" process, traces its roots to the Sang Dynasty in China from 1776 B.C. to 112 B.C. The method was brought into modern industrial use when American manufacturers applied investment casting to make high quality military parts during World War II. It was found practical for many wartime needs - and during the postwar period it expanded into many non-aircraft applications. Today, investment casting is recognized and used worldwide as a technique for producing close-tolerance metal parts at highly competitive costs.

The Right Solution for Investment Casting

SPV is a privately owned company, employing over 250 employees, dedicated to the manufacture of high quality precision investment castings. The company was established in 1993, and has been industry leader ever since. SPV can handle all your casting requirements, from simple to complex, medium or high volume.

We lead the competition in quality, value, delivery and service. Our Quality Management Standard (DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2008) assures customers of our commitment to quality in both product and service. As for customer satisfaction, it is achieved by the application of effective management and by a continuing programme of capital investment, which is shown in our recently opened new factory. We strive to build that satisfaction into long-term relationships.

We are manufacturing the Excellent Parts through precision casting technology, high precision machining machines, measuring and laboratory equipments, to provide high quality parts for worldwide industry with supported by:
  • Employee integrity
  • Experience
  • Ability
  • Technology
  • High Precision Machineries

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