Pharmaceutical Flow Equipment
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Pharmaceutical Flow Equipment
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SPV’s Bio - Pharm Fittings are fabricated in T316L Stainless Steel for superior corrosion resistance and low carbon precipitation of welds. Standard surface finish is 15 R.A. ID and 32 R.A. OD without electropolishing. Other surface finishes along with electropolishing are available upon request.

We proudly offer our product with :

Maximum Cleanability
Cleanability defines how easily contaminants can be removed from a surface. Our process guarantees the correct finish requirements,chemical composition and passivity state, with no major physical and or metallurgical flaws.

Full Traceability
We provide full traceability for each of our products by supplying all necessary production process data. Starting from certifications and incoming inspection of raw materials, through in-process quality control, final inspection, marking and packaging. The process is also completely documented with a unique job number for each BPE process component.

Every Fitting is Quality Inspected
All around quality and meticulous inspection insures that every fitting will be of the highest quality and in total compliance with all ASME-BPE standards.

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Pharmaceutical Flow Equipment
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